Integrating LVM with Hadoop and providing Elasticity to DataNode Storage

📌 What is LVM? 🤔

Other nice features that LVM “Logical Volumes” provide are:

Let’s understand ..

What is Elasticity ?

🎇Now let’s see … how to integrate LVM with hadoop and how to provide elasticity to datanode storage.

Let’s see the steps of task…

Now let’s see available harddisks using 👉 fdisk -l

Command to convert harddisk into physical volume :👇

Now we can see converted physical volumes . using following command

command to create volume group.

Command to create LV :

“If we want to store data on any of the storage device we should have to format that device .“ So here we have created LV of 5GB to store the data that’s why we have formatted that partition.

Command to format the partition👇

Now we have to mount that partition on directory

🤔Let’s suppose in future we need to increase the size of shared volume contribution then let’s see how to extend the size of LV..

Let’s see how to reduce LV and how we have integrated it with datanode in hadoop cluster.

“When we reduce the LV size it gives space back to VG.”

Conclusion —



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